Root to Rise Yoga

Root To Rise offers a selection of yoga and meditation classes, which are available as small group or private classes, both online and in-person. These are ideal for anyone looking to get back into yoga, deepen their practice, or give yoga a go for the first time.  Emma, of Root To Rise, strongly believes that these practices have something for everyone, and seeks to share the many benefits with all who she can.

Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise. Not only does it build strength and tone all the muscles of the body, including the core area, but the flowing combination of breath and movement is extremely effective at calming the nervous system. The result is an exercise class that leaves you feeling strong, energised and relaxed at the same time.

Emma of Root To Rise runs early morning, daytime and evening classes throughout the week. Her varied timetable of online classes gives a fantastic choice of class type and time, allowing you to fit in some ‘me’ time whenever routines allow. In-person small group classes are also offered in Barnes and Putney, and private classes can be arranged in the wider area in the comfort of your own home. Emma’s goal is to make yoga accessible to all through a range of class types and workshops which aim to build confidence, deepen understanding and encourage challenge.

Emma is offering all Barnes Card holders a 10% discount off any of her online classes or class passes! Just use the code BCRTR10 when booking online.

Emma’s beginner’s classes and beginner’s workshop series (starting online at the end of January 2021), offer a supportive, friendly and safe environment in which to start your yoga journey or remind yourself of the basics. Her Slow Flow classes provide a restful and soothing combination of breath and movement, to help focus your mind and connect with your body. Her Power Flow classes are more dynamic and strong, but keep the elements of breath, mindful movement and single-pointed focus at their heart.

Emma also offers the extremely restful practice of Yoga Nidra. This is a form of guided meditation, practiced in a position of stillness (lying or seated) which takes you into the state between wakefulness and sleep. The practice is said to be just as restorative as deep sleep, and can lead to a calmer, clearer mind, increased focus and emotional awareness, and reduced stress.

For more information, please have a look at the Root To Rise website, or you can contact Emma by emailing

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