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Macellaio Fine Italian Butcher Deli

Famed, family-owned restaurant-butcher Macellaio is London’s undisputed ambassador and sole supplier of the Italian Fassona beef of Piedmonte, an exceptionally lean, dry-aged, tender and flavoursome meat also considered the healthiest beef in the world. 

Fassona cattle have a naturally developed peculiar hypertrophy that allows their muscles to grow to almost double the size. Rather than just growing fat, the ‘double muscles’ create textured meat that is lean, juicy, sweet-flavoured and tremendously tender.

It has the lowest amounts of saturated fat, calories and cholesterol among all other breeds in the world, as well as high amounts of essential nutrients, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids.

Bred and raised in Piedmonte to very high welfare standards, Fassona beef’s excellent characteristics are also the result of a dry-aging process; at least 7-9 weeks for Macellaio. As a result, meat of this quality costs more than your average but the spend is greatly rewarded. On a meat-lover’s absolute bucket-list

Fassona beef is especially suited to raw consumption, either simply seasoned with salt and extra-virgin olive oil or used as a base for tartare or carpaccio.  It is equally wonderful pan-seared, roasted, grilled, braised or stewed.

The beef is often cooked with white truffles or a selection of Piedmontese wines such as Barbera, Barolo, and Barbaresco, and it can also be served with pasta dishes in the form of ragout.

Macellaio also offers fantastic aged tuna, fine wines, charcuterie and cheese 

84 Old Brompton Road, SW7 3LQ
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