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La Plata Argentinean Steakhouse

A meat lover’s heaven in Sheen, La Plata is an Argentinean steakhouse that offers mouth-watering authentic, grass-fed Argentinean beef. The source of the beef is a closely guarded secret. All we can say is that it is the same as at famous London steakhouses

Argentinean beef is recognised as some of the best beef in the world: tremendously tender, high in omega-3 fatty acids and richly flavoured as cattle is traditionally grass-fed, unrushed, on the pampas. Unlike some countries Argentina sees little to no use for corn-feed (unsuitable for cows), antibiotics or growth hormones. The result is much healthier, very high-quality meat

La Plata focuses on Sirloin, Ribeye and Fillet Cuts but also offers a small selection of chorizo, delicious home-made burger patties and other meats, as well as Argentinean wines & beer and home-made Chimichurri sauce

109 Sheen Ln, East Sheen, SW14 8AE
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