Hilton Hams of Kew

Produced in Kew, in South West London, Hilton Hams British Charcuterie is hand made using high quality British pork and beef from Taste Tradition in North Yorkshire with all herbs and spices coming from Just ingredients.

Robert Hilton has worked in charcuterie for close to ten years, discovering a passion for cured meats during his chef years at Jamie’s Italian. This led to opening the Kew-based business 3 years ago.  

Always striving to make melt-in-your-mouth products from the best raw ingredients, specialties include the 3-month matured Pancetta, peppered Salami, garlic and smoked paprika Nduja, seasonal selections such as the best-selling Coppa pierced with juniper berries and not forgetting the limited Guanciale, which sells out quickly.  

Hilton meats have just the right amount of moisture reduction to avoid hardening while maintaining lovely juiciness on the palate to lift excellent purity of flavour.  

Not to be missed. 

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